Hue Restobar @Amara Hotel


Hue Restobar @Amara Hotel: Located snugly in a corner of the Amara Hotel, Hue (pronounced as ‘Hway’), a Vietnamese Restaurant and Bar cum Wine & Cigar Retail outlet, immortalises the inimitable fusion of the old-world charm and sophisticated cuisine of Vietnam’s former Continue reading Hue Restobar @Amara Hotel

Element @ Amara Hotel

Element at Amara

Element @ Amara Hotel. Inspired by the five elements in Chinese astrology – Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth – this exciting restaurant is a fusion of stylish minimalism and chic sophistication. Featuring an open kitchen and a Teppanyaki counter, guests Continue reading Element @ Amara Hotel



BAR-ROQUE  GRILL serves French-inspired food with a refined contemporary character. Signature dishes include the rotisserie free-range chicken, Australian pork knuckle, the tart flambé, Seafood Platter, the New Zealand Abalone Salad, and “Mom’s” apple pie. BAR-ROQUE  GRILL Address  :  165 Tanjong Pagar Continue reading BAR-ROQUE GRILL

Santaro @ Amara

santaro restaurant

Santaro Japanese Restaurant, with its traditional Japanese restaurant setup, offers only the most authentic Japanese cuisine, ensuring patrons get nothing less than a complete Japanese experience. The restaurant also serves the finest selection of Japanese cuisine prepared with only the Continue reading Santaro @ Amara

Silk Road Chinese Restaurant


Silk Road Chinese Restaurant The Silk Road was a critical cultural and trade conduit that linked China and the Far East to the West in the past. Evoking the magic of the teahouses that sprouted along the Silk Road’s lengthy Continue reading Silk Road Chinese Restaurant

Thanying Restaurant – Thai Restaurant


Tanjong Pagar Restaurants - Thanying

Thanying Restaurant – Thai Restaurant- Thanying @ Amara Hotel Since its inception in 1988, Thanying Restaurant has devotedly recreated culinary history by offering the most exquisite Royal Thai cuisine fit for Royalty. Address   : #02-00, Amara Hotel, 165 Tanjong Pagar Continue reading Thanying Restaurant – Thai Restaurant