Pasta Brava

Located in a two storey  shop house. Pasta Brava was established in 1993 by Rolando Luceri. Since then, under the Luceri family, Pasta Brava has gained recognition in the local Italian dining scene. Also winning multiple awards over the years.

Address   :11 Craig Rd, Singapore 089671 ‎
Phone      : 6227 7550
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Reservations are recommended.

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Pasta Brava

pastabrava Pasta Brava
Pasta Brava
pastabravainterior Pasta Brava
Pasta Brava Interior


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February 13th is National “Eat Italian Food” Day  
It was not until the 1700’s until tomato sauce was included with spaghetti in Italian kitchens.  
Italian wedding soup is not a traditional soup served at weddings.    
The term Neapolitan Ice Cream originated in the U.S. in the late 19th century, and is presumably a reference to the 3 layered ice cream cakes of Tortoni, a Neapolitan.    
 There are more than 600 pasta shapes produced worldwide.
In the 13th century, the Pope set quality standards for pasta.


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