Pita & Olives

 Pita & Olives serves Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. Their menu includes humus, Falafel, Schnitzel, Stuffed vine leaves, Sabich , Pita bread and others. Specializing in Healthy Israeli Food.

Pita & Olives

Address :    100 tras street, Singapore, Singapore 079027
Phone    :     9011 2312
Email     :      zafrir.aviv@gmail.com

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Pita & Olives

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Pita & Olives

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Pita & Olives


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One thought on “Pita & Olives

  1. Bumped into this place one evening when wandering around 100am looking for dinner. I love middle eastern cuisine and it is hard to find nice places in Singapore for this.

    The owner is so friendly and helpful in your ordering, and then the food! Amazing! So fresh, amazing flavours and well done spices. The hummus is the best I’ve had in Singapore, and the falafal was great – plus it is baked so much healthier than normal. The pita is all homemade and fresh as well – so no hard dry pitas there, no do they use tortillas and pass them off as pita. Theirs are all fresh, chewy flavourful goodness, another thing I have not found in Singapore. It may not be the best atmosphere to hang out in, but the food more than makes up for it and they do takeaway, so a great option as well.

    I’m so happy I found this place near my home and will be back over and over again!

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