Capricci Bar and Restaurant

Capricci bar rest

Fine Italian Dining with a great ambience. A breath of fresh air to Singaporean dining. Capricci Bar and Restaurant Address :  27, Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088450 Phone    :   6221 6761 Email      : Website     Continue reading Capricci Bar and Restaurant

MIZ Japanese Restaurant

MIZ Japanese Restaurant

                  MIZ Japanese Restaurant. Great Authentic Japanese Cuisine made by talented chefs.Popular choices:  Sashimi Salmon,Tako (octopus), Maguro (tuna) and Ikura (salmon roe). Top Dishes :  Cold Garlic Butter Udon, Oyster Dynamite and Gindara Continue reading MIZ Japanese Restaurant

K – Food Talk Family Restaurant

K-Food talk

                  K-Food Talk Family Restaurant Korean Style Restaurant Address :  28 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088451 Phone    :   62229697 Email      :   Website                 Continue reading K – Food Talk Family Restaurant



                  Fusion: Japanese Korean Restaurant on Tanjong Pagar Road. Address :  20/22 Tanjong Pager Road, Singapore 088443 Phone    :   65 6224 6539 Email      : Website       Continue reading His.tori

Hue Restobar @Amara Hotel


Hue Restobar @Amara Hotel: Located snugly in a corner of the Amara Hotel, Hue (pronounced as ‘Hway’), a Vietnamese Restaurant and Bar cum Wine & Cigar Retail outlet, immortalises the inimitable fusion of the old-world charm and sophisticated cuisine of Vietnam’s former Continue reading Hue Restobar @Amara Hotel

Element @ Amara Hotel

Element at Amara

Element @ Amara Hotel. Inspired by the five elements in Chinese astrology – Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth – this exciting restaurant is a fusion of stylish minimalism and chic sophistication. Featuring an open kitchen and a Teppanyaki counter, guests Continue reading Element @ Amara Hotel

Jeju Korean Seafood

Jeju Korean Restaurant

Enjoy the freshest raw fish, Saengseon Hoe, at Jeju Korean Restaurant where fresh seafood and fish are airflown to Singapore. The restaurant has nine private rooms and a common dining hall. An auspicious pair of Jeju stone statues stand guard Continue reading Jeju Korean Seafood